Patient Care Partner I PRN - Med/Surg CNA in Clyde, NC at Haywood Regional Medical Center

Date Posted: 11/29/2019

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Haywood Regional Medical Center

Performs basic patient care activities as delegated and supervised by an RN, including monitoring vital signs, possibly taking blood glucose measurements, and recording intake and output.
Assists patients with tending to personal care and activities of daily living, including but not limited to bathing, grooming, eating, and ambulation.
Reports abnormal findings or changes in physical, mental, and emotional conditions to nursing staff.
Assists with keeping patient rooms and common areas stocked, clean and orderly.
Populations ServedInfant (60 years)
Protected Health InformationType of Protected Information Accessed:DemographicClinicalInsuranceFinancialComplete Medical Record
Bloodborne Pathogens ExposureWhile performing this job, occupational exposure is present for all employees
Physical Requirements - Physical Dexterity and Effort: Rarely <1%, Occasionally 1-33%, Frequently 34-66%, Constantly 67-100%Bending/Stooping □ rarely, □ occasionally, □ frequently, X constantlyClimbing X rarely, □ occasionally, □ frequently, □ constantlyKeyboard Data Entry □ rarely, □ occasionally, X frequently, □ constantlyKneeling □ rarely, □ occasionally, X frequently, □ constantlyLifting/Moving Patients □ rarely, □ occasionally, X frequently, □ constantlyReaching □ rarely, □ occasionally, □ frequently, X constantlyRepetitive Foot/Leg Movements □ rarely, □ occasionally, X frequently, □ constantlyRepetitive Hand/Arm Movements □ rarely, □ occasionally, X frequently, □ constantlyRunning X rarely, □ occasionally, □ frequently, □ constantlySitting □ rarely, X occasionally, □ frequently, □ constantlySquatting □ rarely, X occasionally, □ frequently, □ constantlyStanding □ rarely, □ occasionally, X frequently, □ constantlyWalking □ rarely, □ occasionally, X frequently, □ constantlyPushing / Pulling: 0-25 lbs. □ rarely, X occasionally, □ frequently, □ constantlyPushing / Pulling: 26-75 lbs. □ rarely, □ occasionally, X frequently, □ constantlyPushing/Pulling: over 75 lbs. □ rarely, □ occasionally, X frequently, □ constantlyLifting/Carrying (non-patient) : 0-25 lbs. □ rarely, X occasionally, □ frequently, □ constantlyLifting/Carrying (non-patient) : 26-75 lbs. □ rarely, X occasionally, □ frequently, □ constantlyLifting/Carrying (non-patient) : over 75 lbs. X rarely, □ occasionally, □ frequently, □ constantly
Visual Acuity, Hearing and Speaking: Rarely <1%, Occasionally 1-33%, Frequently 34-66%, Constantly 67-100%Audible Speech □ rarely, □ occasionally, □ frequently, X constantlyHearing Acuity □ rarely, □ occasionally, □ frequently, X constantlySmelling Acuity X rarely, □ occasionally, □ frequently, □ constantlyTaste Discrimination X rarely, □ occasionally, □ frequently, □ constantlyVision: Depth Perception □ rarely, □ occasionally, □ frequently, X constantlyVision: Distinguish Color □ rarely, □ occasionally, □ frequently, X constantlyVision: Seeing Far □ rarely, □ occasionally, □ frequently, X constantlyVision: Seeing Near □ rarely, □ occasionally, □ frequently, X constantly
Biological: Rarely <1%, Occasionally 1-33%, Frequently 34-66%, Constantly 67-100%Biohazardous waste/ hazards □ rarely, X occasionally, □ frequently, □ constantlyBlood and/or bodily fluids □ rarely, □ occasionally, X frequently, □ constantlyCommunicable diseases/pathogens □ rarely, X occasionally, □ frequently, □ constantly
Chemical: Rarely <1%, Occasionally 1-33%, Frequently 34-66%, Constantly 67-100%Asbestos or lead X rarely, □ occasionally, □ frequently, □ constantlyCytotoxic Chemicals X rarely, □ occasionally, □ frequently, □ constantlyDust X rarely, □ occasionally, □ frequently, □ constantlyHazardous Chemicals □ rarely, X occasionally, □ frequently, □ constantlyGases/Vapors/Fumes □ rarely, X occasionally, □ frequently, □ constantlyHazardous Medication □ rarely, X occasionally, □ frequently, □ constantlyLatex □ rarely, □ occasionally, X frequently, □ constantly
At Haywood Regional Medical Center, we are committed to our mission of making our community healthier. We are committed to patient satisfaction, quality, and safety. In fact, we are passionate about these, and we demonstrate our passion every day by consistently practicing the following:• Dedication to those who pass through our doors: our patients, visitors, and community members.• Empathy to those who come here during vulnerable, frightening, uncertain times.• Continuing our unrelenting pursuit of compassionate service excellence.• Recognizing that it is a privilege to shepherd these individuals through what may be a painful and daunting part of their journey, giving them the gifts of comfort, encouragement, respect, and hope at every stop they make within our walls.• Continuous learning and improvement so that we provide the highest level of care in the safest environment possible.
Unit Secretary:Greets patients and visitors. Answers, screens, and routes telephone calls. Calls codes, pages, and overhead announcements as requested.Enters nursing requests subject to the approval of a licensed nurse. Asks for clarification when necessary.Assists with patient admissions, transfers and discharges. Assembles and maintains patient records and charts.Performs needed clerical tasks, including copying, filing, and ordering/stocking supplies.Assists RNs and physicians with other patient activities as needed.

Job Requirements

Minimum EducationHigh School Diploma or Equivalent
Minimum Work ExperienceAcute care patient experience preferred.
Required SkillsRequires critical thinking skills, decisive judgment and the ability to work with minimal supervision. Must be able to work in a stressful environment and take appropriate action.
Certifications:AHA Basic Life Support (BLS)
Required Licenses[North Carolina, United States] Nursing Assistants
Certified Nursing Assistant

Equal opportunity and affirmative action employers and are looking for diversity in candidates for employment: Minority/Female/Disabled/Protected Veteran